Experience China 2019

Chinese Language & Culture Immersion Program in Beijing & Guangzhou


Application Deadline: January 10th, 2019

Participants' Comments on past programs sponsored by the Canadian TCSL Association:


Not only had I travelled to a new place, I had really immersed myself into the everyday life and explored the city beyond the typical tourism.

From bargaining at the markets, to ordering my own food from the school cafeteria, this trip really proved to me how important it is to experience culture and language outside of the classroom and all the amazing benefits.

I love the interaction with the local people and the bonding with university language buddies!

The teachers and language buddies were so nice and supportive!

I especially enjoyed volunteering with the kindergarten classroom.

It was such an incredibly motivating and wonderful chance to learn about China and the wonderful city of Shanghai.

We experienced a variety of what the city had to offer, from markets to art districts to the incredible Era Acrobatics Show in Shanghai Circus World.

Our global and cultural awareness has expanded dramatically, as well as our understanding of the importance of our own role in the international community.

As a result of the trip, our Mandarin has excelled dramatically and we have all felt a renewed determination to master our language skills.

I came back from this trip feeling much more confident in my skills in speaking and reading Mandarin and I can’t wait to go back again!

I am so glad and thankful to have had this special opportunity and I am positive - that I will be returning for more in the future!


Wonderful memories...


Purpose of Trip: This is an educational trip aiming to offer students linguistic and cultural exposure, a vital aspect of the 21st century learning, and to provide students with an opportunity to interact with local students and to contribute their share to the global community.

The Exeprience China 2019 program is a 2-week language & culture study program in Beijing, China’s capital and cultural centre and Guangzhou, a vibrant city in the South. Visit the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace in Beijing.  Experience the vibrant city life in Guangzhou, the financial centre in the south.

Students will spend mornings learning Mandarin according to their levels and afternoons and evenings with their language buddies (university students) exploring various aspects of daily life in Beijing and Guangzhou  or appreciating Chinese art, music and architecture. It is hoped that students will leave the program with invaluable once-in-a-lifetime experience, comprehensive cultural knowledge, and better perspective on their Mandarin learning journey.


Dates: March 16-29 <<Click for more info>>
Program Cost <<Click for more info>>


Program Highlights:

  • learn Chinese
  • experience Chinese culture & customs
  • visit well-known sightseeing places
  • interact with local students


Coquitlam Confucius Institute: http://legacy.internationaled.com/confucius/index.shtml


The Canadian TCSL Association:

Hosting Institute

South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China



Shared room in a dormitory or a 3-star hotel within walking distance to the University. Rooms are equipped with: washroom, air conditioning, TV, telephone, internet connection.

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