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2023-2024 BC K-12 Student Field Trip Grant 

Grant Information 

Canadian TCSL Association supports BC K-12 Mandarin teachers’ effort to provide Mandarin learners with opportunities outside the classroom to hone their language skills in real life situations or immerse themselves in Chinese culture and history whenever such a need arises. The association will offer 10 grants during the 2023-2024 school year, each worth up to $200, on a first come, first served basis, upon application.

Grant Eligibility 

Priority will be given to applicants who best meet the following criteria with supporting documentation:
1. The applicant has to be a teacher teaching in a BC public or independent school and holds a membership to the Canadian TCSL Association.
2. The grant will be issued on a first come and first served basis and only once to any applicant from a school during the 2023-2024 school year.
3. This grant is not permitted to trips to restaurants, nor to any club or sports related activities. 

Grant Application Process 

1. The eligible teacher makes a proposal to the chair of student activities at
2. The proposal should cover the following:
     1) location of the field trip
     2) purpose of the field trip
     3) general information of participating students (grade,
         level of Mandarin, numbers, etc.)
     4) plans for the field trip (including the approximate expenses)
3. Once the proposal is accepted by the board members of the association, a confirmation will be sent to the applicant via email. It generally takes at least two weeks for the proposal to be approved.
4. To receive the grant, the teacher should present to the association students’ learning outcomes in the forms of a presentation, a video, or a reflective writing piece that prove that students have benefitted from such a granted field trip with photos taken during the trip to showcase its purpose and importance as well as the receipts of expenses.